ASMW 2024

Theme: Hypnosis and the Healing Relationship


The 2024 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops will focus on the ways that hypnosis can help maximize the potential of the healing relationship. It will provide participants with opportunities to gain both hands-on skills to use in their daily patient care and in-depth knowledge of the science that underlies change in clinical hypnosis.  

Specific clinical content areas will include trauma-informed care; working with specific populations (such as veterans or individuals preparing to give birth); managing procedural and chronic pain; applications for providers in dental, emergency, medical, and nursing environments; incorporating hypnosis into other modalities of care; and the ways hypnosis and altered states of consciousness can facilitate spiritual and metaphysical growth.

Advanced Pre-Conference workshops, daily Plenary sessions, 30+ Advanced Workshops, and Symposium presentations are being planned for ASMW 2024.


Abstract submission extended through Thursday, August 31st, 2023!

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Track Definitions: Abstract Presentations

This year's theme centers on the healing power of relationships.  Priority will be given to those topics that integrate and describe practical hypnotic applications with Attachment Theory, polyvagal theory, and current scientific findings on the role of relationship and healing. 

Topics will follow one or more of these areas: 


Sessions for this track will focus on clinically defined traumatized or post-traumatized patients and how hypnosis can aid in their recovery.


Sessions for this track will focus on hypnotic techniques that have been found to be helpful for this special population.

Pain Management

Sessions for this track will highlight how hypnosis can be used to mitigate the most common types of pain: acute, chronic, neuropathic, and neuroplastic.  Sessions will also address common settings for pain care: rehabilitative, palliative, and procedural.   

Dental, EMS, Medical, & Nursing Applications

Sessions for this track will focus on how hypnosis can put patients in a relaxed state to make them comfortable for routine medical and dental procedures as well as relief from behaviors related to anxiety that prompt unhealthy habits.

Integrating  Hypnosis with other Modalities

Sessions for this track will focus on using hypnotherapy, which is a modern and holistic approach to combining classical therapy with modern hypnosis that fits perfectly with Biofeedback, CBT, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Neuromodulation, Prolonged Exposure, Somatic Experiencing, and Somatic Psychotherapy. 

Metaphysical & Spiritual States of Consciousness

Sessions for this track will focus on constructs that address non-ordinary experiences related to altered states of consciousness and their implications for wellness.