Upcoming Workshops, Events, & Meetings

This calendar of events includes ASCH-sponsored and COMPONENT-sponsored activities. Where appropriate, ASCH-sponsored programs offer ASCH CE/CME. Where indicated COMPONENT sponsored programs have been approved for ASCH CE.

L1 – Fundamental Training in Clinical Hypnosis


Organization: ISSTD Website: https://www.isst-d.org/training-and-conferences/ Event Title: L1 - Fundamental Training in Clinical Hypnosis Dates: 04/26/2024 - 04/28/2024 Location: In-Person CE: 20 Contact: Reinhild Draeger-Muenke, dr.reinhild.muenke@gmail.com Abstract: This Level 1 training in clinical hypnosis will provide trainees with a beginning understanding of the concepts, principles and clinical applications of hypnosis. Experienced, ASCH-certified and ASCH- approved consultant faculty will offer didactic presentations, […]

Breathing Techniques

Online Virtual Webinar

Breathing Techniques A Webinar with Akira Otani, EdD, ABPH and Ciara Christensen, PhD May 1, 2024 1.50 CEU CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ASCH Member $45 Non-Member $65 Resident/Intern/Fellow $45 Graduate Student $15

Harmonizing EMDR Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis – Building Blocks for Working with Complex Developmental Trauma


Organization: Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis Website: https://www.fsch.org/workshops/intermediate-workshop Event Title: Harmonizing EMDR Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis – Building Blocks for Working with Complex Developmental Trauma Dates: 5/4/24 Location: Virtual CE: 12 Abstract: Both clinical hypnosis and EMDR therapy share overlapping methods, which, when carefully blended, can provide a vast array of tools to enhance clinical […]

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management


Organization: New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis Website: www.nesch.org Event Title: Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management Dates: May 4-5, 2024 CE: 14 hours Contact: Staisha Santungwana, neschMSC@gmail.com Abstract: This workshop will provide an overview of hypnotic strategies and suggestions for helping individuals better self-manage chronic pain conditions.  It will begin with a discussion of the role that the Behavioral Inhibition and […]

Turn Stressful into Restful: Enhancing Sleep through Self-State Strategies and the Art of being Hypnotic


Organization: Lemke Counseling & Consulting Website: https://www.wendylemke-psy.com/stressful-into-restful Event Title: Turn Stressful into Restful: Enhancing Sleep through Self-State Strategies and the Art of being Hypnotic Dates: May 9, 2024 Location: Virtual Workshop CE: 3.0 Contact: Wendy Lemke, wendylemkelp@gmail.com Abstract: Sleep, often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal psychological and physical health. Even with the understanding of its […]

ASCH Advanced Level Workshop: Clinical Hypnosis for GI, Fibromyalgia, & Autoimmune Disorders


This workshop will address evidenced-based hypnotic strategies for the treatment of DGBI, Fibromyalgia, and Autoimmune Disorders. As each of these conditions is often associated with a history of stress/trauma and decreased HRV, participants will learn techniques to optimize ANS activity for mental and physical health promotion. In addition, strategies for trauma stabilization, pain modulation, and sleep enhancement will be provided.

Evocative Approaches to Therapeutic Communication, an Ericksonian Approach

In-person workshop~Virtual workshop

Therapeutic communication can be informative and/or evocative depending on client need. When the goal is eliciting a change in state it is best to use evocative methods. Hypnosis is the mother of an experiential approach and evocative method can be derived therefrom. The program consists of lecture, demonstration therapy, small group practice and video examples of Milton H. Erickson.

Spring Conference

Banff, AB

The Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society has some very exciting training workshops this fall. No matter your experience with Clinical Hypnosis, we have a workshop for you.  These certifications are intended for registered health professionals including psychologists, social workers, nurses, physicians, dentists, counselors, and those in related healthcare fields. For more information and registration visit our […]

Hypnosis for the Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders

In-person workshop

Organization: Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society Website: https://www.clinicalhypnosis.ca/event-5402985 Event Title: Hypnosis for the Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders Dates: 05/17/2024-05/19/2024 Location: In-person workshop CE: 19 Contact: Louis Damis, DrDamis@LouisDamisPhD.com Abstract: Prolonged neglect and abuse are associated with attachment anomalies, […]