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Registration for the 2024 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops is now OPEN!

Running Through February 22-25, 2024


*Click Here for More Info and Registration*


The 2024 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops will focus on the ways that hypnosis can help maximize the potential of the healing relationship. It will provide participants with opportunities to gain both hands-on skills to use in their daily patient care and in-depth knowledge of the science that underlies change in clinical hypnosis.  

Specific clinical content areas will include trauma-informed care; working with specific populations (such as veterans or individuals preparing to give birth); managing procedural and chronic pain; applications for providers in dental, emergency, medical, and nursing environments; incorporating hypnosis into other modalities of care; and the ways hypnosis and altered states of consciousness can facilitate spiritual and metaphysical growth.

Advanced Pre-Conference workshops, daily Plenary sessions, 30+ Advanced Workshops, and Symposium presentations are being planned for ASMW 2024.

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